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IN the following pageint is our intention not only to explain
the objects of the Flora Indica, and our reasons for tinder-
taking it, but also to dwell upon a considerable mimher of
topics having a direct hearing upon the study of Systematic
Botany; and upon the correct appreciation of which must de-
pend the progress which the student may make in this de-
partment of science. As however the principal aim of our
labours is to further the study of Botany in India, we shall
confine ourselves as much as possilde to those points which
it is more particularly essential for the Indian botanist to
understand well, and we shall illustrate them by a reference
to the plants of that country. The chief subjects treated of
in this Essav will therefore be:ó
1.  The objocti -scope, and design of the Flora Indica, and
our motives for undertaking it,
2,  General considerations connected with the, study of sys-
tematic and descriptive; botany.
3* The influence of variation, the origin of species, specific
centres, hybridization, and geographical <liętribution, on tho
views taken by ourselves of species, and of the right manner
in which tlicy-fihoiild be treated, and in which their affinities
should be developed, We consider those theoretical points
to be inseparable from a philosophical study of plants, and
we belies it to bo essential tlmt systematic authors should